English Tips 3

For the future Oncub teachers!

Bring up the topic

  • “Open up the topic”, this expression is wrong. You cannot literally open a topic. It should be bring up not open up.



I am going to/I will go to

  • “I will going to”, nobody uses this kind of expression. This is totally wrong.



If I go to

  • When you use “if” there’s no way to use “will”. Don’t use modal verbs like “will”, “may”, “might”, “can”. You can only use that if the first one is done and start with the next one.



One on one lesson

  • “Man to man lesson”, better not use this expression. Man to man means like fist fighting or one person to person about to fight.



Trial Lesson

  • “Demo” means demonstration. It is supposed to be trial lesson. “Class” it is usually a classroom setup. There is one teacher and many students. “Lesson” is one on one setup. There is one teacher and one students.



I would like to put my account on hold

  • “Hold a lesson”, this is totally wrong. You cannot literally hold a lesson. “Hold” is wrong.



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