English Tips 2

For the future Oncub teachers!

I would like to

  • Using “I just want to” can offend people. So, instead of using it, use “I would like to” to sound more polite. You should learn to use “would” because it is a polite word.




  • You cannot use “also” in a sentence like this, “I am going to buy a new cellphone, also”. You would better use “too”. “Also” is use for additional like this, “Also, I’m going to buy a new bag”.




  • “Regarding” is a word that you use in a very formal setup. When you are in a casual setup, use “about”. In the US, they usually use “about” when they are speaking. Unless it is very formal, they use “regarding”.




Besides/Other than

  • “Aside from” also sounds very formal. So when you are talking to someone casually, you should use “other than/besides”.




Next to

  • “Beside” is also a formal word. In the US, they usually use “next to” when speaking casually.






Using right expressions/grammar might help your students to use it correctly. It might help you to gain more students because of your ability. Hope you learn a lot from this again.

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