English Tips 1

For the future Oncub English teachers!


Stay in line

  • We often use “Fall in line”. However, people do not use “Fall in line” in the US. Americans use “Line up” or “Wait in line” or “Stay in line” instead.




Fill out the form

  • Fill up is used for something you need to fill from bottom to top. You would better use “Fill out the form” because you are filling something from top to bottom.




Take a break

  • Rest means a long break, so this expression should not be used when you are suggesting a person to get some rest for a short time. You should tell him to “take a break”.





Near/Close to

  • This should not be used for telling directions. You would better use “close to” or “near” but without “to”.





  • Wait for a moment
    “A while” means a very long time. You would better not use it when you are talking to someone and making them wait for a while. They might think you’re making them to wait for a day, a week, a month, or for a year. Better use “wait for a moment”, or “wait for a second”.



You can use these tips to enhance your English Skills. Wrong use of grammar can affect your students. They might learn wrong from you. So better learn more on using right grammar/expressions.

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