English Tips 1

For the future Oncub English teachers!   Stay in line We often use “Fall in line”. However, people do not use “Fall in line” in the US. Americans use “Line up” or “Wait in line” or “Stay in line” instead.       Fill out the form Fill up is used for something you need to fill from bottom to …

English Tips 2

For the future Oncub teachers! I would like to Using “I just want to” can offend people. So, instead of using it, use “I would like to” to sound more polite. You should learn to use “would” because it is a polite word.     Too You cannot use “also” in a sentence like this, “I am going to buy …

English Tips 3

For the future Oncub teachers! Bring up the topic “Open up the topic”, this expression is wrong. You cannot literally open a topic. It should be bring up not open up.     I am going to/I will go to “I will going to”, nobody uses this kind of expression. This is totally wrong.     If I go to …

Teaching Job

There are a lot of benefits that you can get when you start working at Oncub. Let me tell you about those…   You don’t need to commute You don’t need to travel since it is home based job. You will be just working at home and face your computer/laptop.       You will save a lot of money …


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