Online Cubicle

When the current CEO of the company – Andrew Lee was in the Philippines in 2009, he saw an English learning school where each Filipino teachers taught English in a small room where only the teacher and a student can fit in. The rooms were called “Cubicle”. 2009_andrew

One on one teaching was an interesting concept for most Korean students. In Korea, a class is conducted in a classroom where many students, easily lose their focus, whereas the cubicle setup which has only the teacher and a student increases their focus.

The cubicle was a great concept, however Filipino teachers in the school were not paid well.
Mr. Andrew thought he could improve it in his own business. He thought that everything should be on the internet so that there will not be any unnecessary expenses instead of having an office or a school that cost a lot of money for rent. On the contrary, he have planned to pay Filipino teachers more.

After his trip to the Philippines, he made his own school on the internet in South Korea. He named this school, “Online Cubicle” which he abbreviated to “Oncub”.
By putting everything on the internet, he solved many problems that a typical office or a school has.
The following are some of the major problems that have been solved;

First, teachers salary has increased more than 200%.
Second, tuition fee for students decreased substantially.
Third, teachers or students do not need to commute to work or study.

Friendly smile, passionate, hard working Filipinos teachers.

Oncub is all about its employees. Even if how great his idea was, without great Filipino teachers, Oncub could not exist today. Filipino English teachers are better English speakers in comparison to typical Korean English teachers. Korean English teachers only focus on English grammar rules and reading, and often ignore teaching a fun part of English. However, Filipino teachers always smile and passionate in speaking and communication in English. That is why Korean students enjoy learning English with Filipino teachers.

Korean students have not been encouraged enough in their school system. Often, the strict Korean education system leads students to lose motivation in learning. However, Filipino teachers are such friendly and passionate people who know how to encourage their students.

Many Korean students have been helped since the business was established. They appreciate those hard working Filipino teachers.

Mr. Andrew often say that “I was lucky that I have found many passionate and hard working Filipino teachers”. These great Filipino English teachers have helped a lot of Korean students. Many Korean students appreciate the fact that they have learned so much from their Filipino teachers with fun. Mr. Andrew also said that “I appreciate the Philippines and its very kind people who allow this great thing happens to Korean people”.

Filipinos love Koreans as well.

K-POP and K-Drama became so popular in the Philippines. Many Filipino English teachers are passionate in learning Korean cultures and even the Korean language. We believe that we both have the same feeling and heart deep inside, even if our cultures, or the way we look may different, we have the same feeling and emotion. This is probably the reason why Korean and Filipino students are the best match.

Oncub treat employees like a family.

Oncub is like a family. We consider each of our teachers like family. We believe that the only way to achieve success for all of us is to treat each members of Oncub like a family.

Oncub encourage and serve its teachers at the best. It makes Oncub the best place to work in. Also, teachers perform the best. As the result, teachers bring a high salary. We know the fact that the salary is not only for themselves. Many Oncub teachers spend money for their family. Thus, it makes us more responsible.

The place where its employees are happy and proud.

After working for some months in Oncub, many of our teachers find working in Oncub is full-feeling. Korean students give tremendous respect for those great Filipino teachers. Family become more proud of them.

Filipinos deserve better and more.

Filipinos are kind and warm hearted people. Often abused by some bad businesses that do not pay fair amount for their people. In Oncub, employees are the most important. We serve our employees at best. Mr. Andrew believes that nothing is more important than employees in any businesses.

Oncub cares about your family

We are going to make sure that you will have a good income for you and your family. Oncub is looking forward to working with an amazing person like you soon.

Andrew Lee

IAndrew speaking with a microphone am Andrew Lee who was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. It has been 7 years since I started the business in the Philippines.

I love living in the Philippines. That is the reason why I have lived in the Philippines for 7 years already since my first visit 2009. So far, I have lived in three different places. Manila, Baguio and Iloilo. At the moment, I am in Manila. I wish I could have a chance to live in Cebu or Davao someday.

In the Oncub family, I am like a mother.

My job is to support and encourage people in Oncub. Although I am busy most of the time, I always try to encourage and support Filipino teachers as much as I can. I am a huge fan of hard working Filipinos as well. Their sincerity and passion have inspired me so much.

Filipinos are fast learners

Filipinos are eager to learn and be trained to be better. I am always amazed how smart and humble these people are. The willingness that Filipinos have shown to me opens up a new possibility of a bright future of the Philippines.
Filipinos understand the value of hard work as well. I think this is the reason why Oncub has been so successful.

Pure and thoughtful people.

It probably never exist anywhere in the world. I have fallen in love with humble, friendly and hard working Filipinos since my first day in the Philippines.

The generosity that Filipinos have shown me is amazing. My Filipino neighborhoods often offer me delicious Filipino food. Whenever I have difficulties they are always willing to help me. I have seldom seen such thoughtful people.
Many Filipinos have been so generous to me. It is my turn to give it back to you.

Please join us! Let’s enjoy working together!

Hi, I am Andrew. CEO of Oncub from Hongju Lee on Vimeo.

“Working with great Filipinos have been one of the fortunate things that have happened in my life”.

– Andrew Lee CEO of Oncub

Love & Proud

Hi! I am the general operator from Oncub Operation Team. Everyone of us here – the teachers and other operation team love working with us here in Oncub. Let me share some of the fantastic parts of it so you would understand why we love working here.


Oncub sends packages for its good employees such as headset, web camera, Korean cosmetics, noodles, crackers, toothpastes, soaps, chocolates, photo calendars, watches, gadgets and etc.

Awarding system

Good performers must be awarded! In Oncub, good performers earn 200% or even 300% more than the other average teachers.

We value employees’ extra efforts behind the scene. We believe that someone who performs better than others have more focus and better work ethics. We support those amazing individuals. We also believe that they lead other employees as a good role model.


The longer you work you will get higher salary as well as more benefits than other ESL companies. The company provides a trip for loyal employees. So far, some employees have been to Boracay, Palawan including Puerto Princesa and El Nido, Cebu, Bohol Island, Mambukal Resort in Negros Occidental, Manila Ocean Park, and etc.

Communicating freely with anyone

Oncub has a group of open-minded people. Anyone can ask and answer in our community website. Everyone including the CEO is in the virtual community room where anyone can freely share their ideas and thoughts.

Oncub gives off a “family” feeling. I feel very comfortable. I am also thankful to Miss Enn and Miss Coco they are like family. They’re very kind and understanding and to the other Oncub staff, who are always there to attend to our concerns. They are very patient and friendly.
I am happy and proud to be part of this team. I feel very blessed. I can say that I really made the right choice in choosing Oncub. I feel so happy. 🙂 – teacher Mae.

I feel the same with teacher Mae. This company is like a family so I always think I am a lucky person who works here with nice people. I love it! and I’ll keep trying to do my best. I am very proud and happy to be in Oncub. – Miss Coco.

It’s been 5 years and words can’t even describe how grateful and happy I am to be a part of ONCUB for more than 5 years now! My job has always been a blessing to me. Thank you once again, Sir Andrew and to Miss Enn as well for guiding and for trusting us! 🙂 (posted on June 4, 2016) – teacher Jane.

Sir Andrew is one of my inspirations and that I learned many things from him especially about teaching. My bad habits when it comes to teaching are gone, thanks to him! I love my job and I love my Oncub Family! 😀 -teacher Judi.